Using Yogurt For BV Treatment

Probiotics For Bacterial Vaginosis Time For More Detail

The first time it was suggested to me that you could use yogurt for BV treatment, I thought they were talking about eating yogurt for the probiotics. While eating yogurt can help stave off BV infections, this is not what my friends were talking about....

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How To Cure BV For Good: Permanent Lifestyle Changes

10 lifestyle change pv prevention

If you want to learn how to cure BV for good, you need to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that this will take permanent lifestyle changes to accomplish. Some of these lifestyle changes may require a great deal of will power so you may...

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Risks of Untreated BV That People Seldom Think About

risk of untreated bv

BV all by itself is not all that serious. However, it can sometimes lead to much more serious conditions if the infection spreads. It can also make a woman more susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases. To emphasize this point, it has been shown that women...

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How To Restore Vaginal pH Long Term

Restore Vaginal pH

If your vaginal pH rises above 4.5, it is out of balance and this is also an indicator that you have a bacterial vaginosis infection. While there are several ways to restore vaginal pH temporarily, unless you correct the underlying problems causing the imbalance in...

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OTC Homeopathic Bacterial Vaginosis Remedies

homeopathic for bv

Homeopathic bacterial vaginosis remedies work by adding tiny amounts of chemical compounds that cause the same symptoms as the condition that is being treated causes. This follows the concept that “like cures like.” At higher concentrations, these same chemical compounds would make one sick but...

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Does Garlic Help BV


I was asked by a friend to do an article on “does garlic help BV” because she is thinking about trying it. The best way I know how to answer this question is to first tell you a true story about a lady I used...

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Gardnerella Natural Treatment: Apple Cider Vinegar

Restore Vaginal pH With ACV

Gardnerella infections, commonly called BV or bacterial vaginosis, can cause severe vaginal itching, burning, and a strong fish like odor which can make intimate encounters embarrassing. It can also lead to much more serious problems such as PID, infertility, and higher susceptibility to STDs. Since...

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